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Need Help to Write Your 8(a) Narrative?
Most people agree, writing the social /economic disadvantage narrative is the most difficult part of the entire SBA 8(a) application.

Get the help you need today!  Don’t waste anymore time trying to figure out what to write in your narrative. Don’t spend thousands of dollars having a company rip you off to prepare your social/economic disadvantage narrative.

Our Narrative Writing Service is a proven system successfully used by hundreds of clients for nine years to get your narrative prepared quickly. We have written hundreds of successful narratives for business owners just like you for seven years. Did you know… other small business coaches actually hire us to prepare their clients narratives?

Whether you are a good writer or not, you will find this narrative writing to be a challenge. In fact, many clients come to us frustrated after wasting weeks or months attempting to decide what to write about in their narratives.

Others have gone through the humiliation of getting their applications rejected by the SBA Either way, these business owners have lost by not making the decision to get help with their narratives to get the application completed!

Was your 8a application rejected? Let us re-write your narrative!
Need help to re-write the narrative and re-submit it quickly? We have a comprehensive time-based service to meet your needs.

What is the cost?  
It depends upon your business owner classification according to the SBA. The 8a Mentor offers affordable high quality services to all types of business owners.
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> SBA Designated Minority (African, Hispanic, Asian, Native and Sub-Continent Asian)
> SBA Non-Designated Minority (All other minorities)
> Woman Business Owner 
> Reconsideration Service

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